Facebook & Instagram Don’t Like LithuaniaExplained -

Facebook & Instagram Don’t Like LithuaniaExplained

I don’t know how many of you have tried to share a link to this website or one of the articles, but you might realize it’s currently not possible to do using Facebook or Instagram (unless it’s a private message).

Unfortunately, anything containing ‘lithuaniaexplained.com’ is blocked from being shared as a link in a public post. The short story is that the website has been blocked by Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) because it was flagged as “violating community guidelines.” This is something that happens (fairly and unfairly) to many websites. The unfortunate thing is that it seems very difficult to rectify, appeal, or fix.

The long story is that I partnered with an advertising site to monetize my website (to recover some of the cost of hosting and domain services). Unlike Google AdSense, which places tasteful and typically unobtrusive banners, this other service provider had occaisional pop-up windows. I believe this is why Meta blocked the site. I’ve since gotten rid of those awful pop-up ads, but it’s seemingly impossible to find a way to get Facebook/Meta to unblock the site.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you will continue to find value in the content published here. And I trust that you’ll agree that it’s a safe website (with unobtrusive ads). I’m open to any feedback about the site if you think something needs to be improved – just use the Contact page or post a comment!

It’s frustrating that the site and its articles can’t be shared on some of the largest social media platforms, but I guess that’s the way it is for now! I really hope that can change one day.

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